A Truly Special Boat Trip on Lake Windermere

We were extremely lucky to have been invited on a cruise on Lake Windermere. Most people that have visited Ambleside, Bowness and Windermere will have at some point set sail on a boat up and down the lake, each and every time being amazed at how different the mountains look and the properties usually just driven by.

Our cruise was just that little bit different though. Our cruise was on Mistress, a luxurious 50 foot Sealine T50 flybridge motor yacht. Excluding the steamers, a massive vessel and the largest on Windermere. We got the opportunity from an acquaintance and of course, was very excited to even see this boat let alone have the chance to take a cruise in it.

The moment we got on board, all we could think about was this was the nearest we were going to get to being James Bond! The interior of “Mistress” was quite frankly, stunning and we both said, we could live on this thing!

DSC00724cool dude 2

Obviously, we needed (yes need, not want) Champagne and I can say hand on heart, it was the best champers I’d ever had as I not had a luxury drink but I was sat in luxury looking and gazing out to some of the best scenery in the United Kingdom.

Back to the views when sailing on Lake Windermere. The Langdales look completely different even when looking from the same location on the road, the Farfield Horseshoe looks like it can be touched and it is amazing how many houses there are that are visible from the lake but not from the road (obviously, they are very grand dwellings).

“Mistress” is owned by the Applegarth Villa Hotel in Windermere where she is available for 2 hour, half day and full day charter. Well, well worth it to feel as close as it is possible for a normal person to feel like a superstar!

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